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  • 山东非物质文化遗产:潍坊杨家埠风筝。
  • 游览山东四大名城:欧陆情怀青岛、泉水之都济南、清新之城威海、仙境之都烟台蓬莱。
  • 特色风味餐:青岛渔家宴、潍县风味、中式合菜、济南饺子宴。
  • 全程星际酒店;潍坊升级一晚挂5 星酒店。
  • 杨家埠民俗大观园– 内设风筝厂、民俗馆、年画馆、风筝博物馆、古店铺一条街、文物馆、嫦娥奔月台等数十个景区。集风筝生产、年画印制与民俗旅游为一体。体验几百年前杨家埠人的生活方式与民间风情。
  • 八仙过海– 蓬莱素有“人间仙境”之称,主要景点有:会仙阁,八仙祠,八仙桥等。


  • Shandong intangible cultural heritage -Weifang Yangjiabu Kites.
  • Visiting 4 famous cities in Shandong -Qingdao with western feelings, Jinan as the city of springs, Weihai as the city of freshness, and Yantai Penglai as the city of fairy tale.
  • Authentic local dishes: Qingdao fisherman’s feast, Wei county’s flavor, Eastern mixed cuisine, Jinan dumpling feast.
  • Full journey with star-hotel; Weifang tour upgraded with 5-star hotel for one night.
  • Yangjiabu Grand View Garden of Folk Art — There are plenty of scenic spots such as kite factory, cultural museum, CNY picture museum, kite museum, ancient street shops, museum of cultural relics, etc. An integration of kite production, CNY picture printing and cultural tourism. Experience the lifestyle and culture of the people of Yangjiabu in a few hundred years ago.
  • The 8 Immortals Crossing the Sea –Penglai is well known as the “Fairyland on Earth”. The main attractions are: Huixian Pavilion, 8 Immortals Temple, 8 Immortals Bridge, etc.


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