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  • 深度游览山东四大名城欧陆情怀青岛、齐国故都淄博、泉水之都济南、孔圣之曲阜

  • 特色风味餐青岛渔家宴、潍县风味、中式合菜、济南饺子宴。

  • 全程当地5星级酒店

泰山风景区 —泰山五岳之首天下第一山,主峰玉皇海拔为15,327米。“泰山安,四海皆安”百姓崇拜、帝王告祭的神山。其景巍峨雄奇,有石松涛、云海玉等美的自然景

尼山圣境 — 尼山是孔子的诞生地,是历代儒客朝拜之圣地。主要景点有:孔子像、大学堂、尼山孔庙、尼山书院、观川亭、夫子洞、诸子百家园、尼山圣秀等。



Qingdao ∙ Weifang ∙ Zibo ∙ Qufu ∙ Tai an ∙ Jinan


  • Visiting 4 famous cities in Shandong in depth : Qingdao with western feelings, Zibo as the former capital of Qi kingdom, Jinan as the city of springs, and Qufu as the hometown of Confucius.

  • Authentic local dishes: Qingdao fisherman’s feast, Wei county’s flavor, Eastern mixed cuisine, Jinan dumpling feast.

  • Local 5 Star Hotel

Mount Tai Scenic Area : Mount Tai is regarded as the leader of 5 Sacred Mountains / Top Mountain of the world. Its main peak, Yuhuangding, is 15,327 meters above sea level. “When Mount Tai is stable, the world will be stable as well” — it has become a sacred mountain worshiped by many as well as the emperors. Its majestic scenery comprises breathtaking natural views, like stone buildings, waves of pines, sea of clouds and mountain peaks.

Nishan Sacred LandNishan is the birthplace of Confucius, and visited by many Confucian scholars in the ancient time. Its main attractions include Statue of Confucius, Daxue Hall, Nishan Confucian Temple, Nishan Academy, Guanchuan Pavilion, Confucius Cave, Home of Zhuzi Baijia, Nishan Shengxiu, etc.

Compulsory Tour: Qingdao Governor’s Mansion, Xiaoyushan Park, Jinan Wulongtan, Jinan Boat ride Daming Lake , Tai an Dai Temple, Jinan Night Market

RMB 380 per pax

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