Tour members are deemed to have read, understand and accepted the following: –

SMART HOLIDAY’S and its sales/authorised agents are referred to as “the organisers”

  1. The organiser’s covenants to include in the tour fare: –
    1. Return economy class group ticket, excluding taxes which are non-refundable and non-negotiable.
    2. Accommodation is based on half twin sharing for adults; child fare is based on the child as third person in twin or double room of two adults without extra bed. If a child occupies a half twin, there is a surcharge.
    3. In the case of triple sharing, a roll-away bed will be provided for the third person.
    4. All meals, sightseeing and other terms as specified in the itinerary.
    5. Porterage of one luggage not exceeding 20 kilo per person for group departure by series airlines, policies not covered by budget airlines.
    6. Tour fare exclude visa fees, expenses on purely personal nature such as laundry, telephone calls, excess baggage charges, beverages, personal and baggage insurance, gratuities to drivers and escorts, optional tours.
    7. No refund or reduction will be made to any person or individual who does not participate in or who forgoes any sightseeing tour, transfer or accommodation so provided at any time during the course of the tour, for whatever reason.
    8. Administrative fee of RM100 – RM500 person will be imposed for any amendments made after reservation are acted upon.
  2. DEPOSIT – A deposit of RM500 – RM1000 per person must be paid upon reservation and the balance must be paid up before 45 days prior to the date of departure. All deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Policies not covered by budget airlines.
  3. CANCELLATION – In the event of cancellation of tour reservations after settlement of deposit and/or full payment, the following cancellation fee will apply:
  4. More than 60 days before departure – RM500 or 25% of tour fare per person or whichever higher.
  5. 45 days before departure – 75% of tour fare per person.
  6. Less than 30 days before departure – 100% of tour fare per person.
  7. In the event of booking of tour packages, operated on a budget airlines, extra flight or charter flight which is not within the normal airlines schedule. Deposit is non-refundable and the ticket full fare will be charged to the passenger if any.
  8. MEALS – As specified in the itinerary, other specified meals, if available can be provided at extra charge. Appropriate meals for Muslim and Vegetarians passengers can be arranged on request basis subject to the availability.
  9. PASSPORT – All passengers must personally ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
  10. TICKET – The ticket issued are special tickets restricted to certain designated airlines only. They are non-endurable, non-transferable, & non-refundable.
  11. VISA APPLICATION – All passengers are encouraged to process their own visa. Assistance is offered by the organiser, but approval is not guaranteed.  The organiser cannot be held liable for any loss of passport(s) due to any reason whatsoever including without limitations, negligence on the part of our employees, agents and/or servants.
  12. EXTENSION STAY – Extension of stay after the end of the tour is subject to the ticket validity and seats availability. Extension of stay/deviation will be at passenger’s own expenses and no transfer will be provided to the airport for the return flight.  When extension of stay/deviation cannot be confirmed prior to group’s departure, passenger is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule.
  13. CHANGE OF ITINERARY – The organisers and its authorized agents reserves the right to change the itinerary with or without notice due to operational reasons.
  14. TOUR CANCELLATION – The organisers reserve the right to change any tour, postpone or cancel prior to departure for any reason whatsoever including insufficient group size. Should this happen, the entire payment will be refunded without any obligation on the part of the company.  In which event no liabilities whatsoever shall be borne by the organisers in respect of such cancellations.
  15. GROUND TOUR HANDLING – The organisers endeavours to provide exclusive ground handling on all transportation and sightseeing services. However, tour members may be placed on seat-in-coach basis where necessary due to insufficient group size.
  16. TRAVE INSURANCE – All passengers are encouraged to purchase a travel insurance scheme.
  17. TOUR LEADER – This will only arrange for a group of minimum 20 adult passengers & above. The organiser reserved the right to reject the cancellation from the passengers on the reason of no tour leader provided and the passenger is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule.  Or, if any cancellation, item No.3 may be imposed and acted to the passenger accordingly.
  18. COOPERATION – Should there be difficult and uncooperative Tour Members during the tour, whose act and conduct deem to be unreasonable and detrimental to the enjoyment, interests, well-being and safety of the other Tour Members and the smooth running of the tour in general, the tour leader concerned possesses full discretion to deal with such persons as he/she deems fit, including requiring him/her to leave the tour. The decision of the tour leader in this respect is final and conclusive and the Company shall not make refund for any uncompleted part of the tour.
  19. LATE BOOKING – Late booking less than 30 working days prior to departure will be accepted subject to availability of accommodation and flights. Late booking request should be accompanied by full payment for necessary operation processing.
  20. RESPONSIBILITY – The organisers and/or its authorized Agents acts only as agents for the transportation companies, hotel and other participants in the programmed and tickets, documents, notice letters and other correspondence are issued subject to the terms and conditions contained in the contracts under which the services are provided by the participants. The organisers and its transportation company, hotel and other participants in this programme shall not be held responsible to any per for any loss, damages resulting from death or personal injuries, expenses, penalties, or any other inconvenience of whatever nature and however caused or arising from the following: –
  21. Any mistake, error, inaccuracy, misdescription, change, alteration or amendment to any tour schedule or the itinerary whether material or otherwise.
  22. Any additional expenses or costs due to delays caused by changes in the flight schedules or any other travel schedules, sickness, weather conditions, strikes, riots, fire, floods, commotion, war, quarantine, and any other causes beyond the control of the organisers and its authorized agents and the other participants in the programme.
  23. Loss or damage of baggage and personal effects during the journey or on transit or in the event of an accident save if the same were causes by any acts of negligence or wilful neglect attributable to the company and/or its authorized agents.
  24. Any abrupt termination of services by transportation companies, hotels and other participants in this programme due to bankruptcy, liquidation, closure or suspension of business or any other causes so ordered by the authorities.
  25. Any alteration on the routing or change of date of travel by passengers is solely at his/her own risk. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expenses incurred.
  26. The organisers shall not be held responsible for deportation or refusal of entry by immigration Authorities to/of tour member resulting from the possession of unlawful items of holding improper travel documents or other causes of whose behaviour and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned. There is absolutely no refund to tour member who had been refused entry.
  27. The organisers reserve the right to adjust the cost of package prices due to currency fluctuations or increase in air, rail, road or ferry transportation and international airport taxes after acceptance of a booking up to and including the date of departure.
  28. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the tour due to any act of God, War, Strike, Riot or order from the Government of Malaysia which is beyond its control. The organiser shall recommend alternative tours, all moneys paid less the administrative fee chargeable will be refunded to the passenger.
  29. In the event of cancellation by the organiser due to inability to secure seats or accommodation, the company will refund the amount of money paid and the following compensation will impose (subject to the late booking as specified on item No. 15):
  • 08 to 14 working days, full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM50 per person
  • 01 to 07 working days, full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM75 per person.
  • On the date of departure, full refund of tour fare and a compensation of RM100 per person.
  1. Tour payments based on cash terms, if payments by credit card subject to surcharges.
  2. In the event of a difference in the Chinese version, the English version will be deemed to be the correct version.


1. 世界逍遥游及其销售/授权代理只是作为观光团的作业机构。其收取的团费,包括以下各项:

a) 来回团体机票(不包括机场税)。此机票不可转名及无退票价值。

b) 酒店住宿,成人以两人同住一双人房为准,小孩则以两名成人同住一双人房以没有加床为准。若小孩要占住半间双人房位,则需另加收费。

c) 如三人共用一房,第三名旅客将被提供轮动床。

d) 膳食,游览观光及其他节目特色,都以行程内注明为准

e) 旅客所携带的托运行李,每人只限一件,重量不超过20公斤为准,只限于团体出发的系列航空公司,不包括廉价航空公司的政策。

f) 团费不包括签证费,个人开支,洗衣,电话费,超额行李,饮料,个人与行李保险,司机与导游、领队之小费,自费参加之观光费用。

g) 任何团员在旅途中若自动放弃观光节目或转换酒店,均不得要求减低或退还旅费。

h) 在确定报名后再作更改者,每人将征收RM100-RM500的行政费。

 2. 订金:团员报名时必须缴交RM500-RM1000作为报名费,余款必须在出发前45天缴清,订金恕不退还。不包括廉价航空公司得政策。

 3. 取消手续:报名后退出者,本社当以下列办法收取手续费:

 4. 出发前60天以上退出者,收取旅费25%或最高额RM500

 5. 出发前 45天退出者,收取旅费75%

 6. 出发前 少于30天退出者, 收取旅费100%

 7. 若任何团员报名的团体是属于廉价航空,航空公司的额外班次或非正常班次,订金恕不退还,同时机票的全额(视情况)则由旅客负责。

 8. 膳食:膳食依照行程指定:其他特殊食物则需另加价,素食或穆斯林膳食需预先通知并视情况为有效。

 9. 旅游护照:旅客额须持有国际护照,根据出发日期算起,必须要有效期至少六个月期限为准。

10. 机票:机票是特别团体旅行机票,指定限用之航空公司,严禁更改,转让,转换路线。

11. 申请签证:所有旅客应该自行申请签证,主办机构只能协助:但批准予否,在于有关当局,同时,主办机构对于委托有关护照万一不管怎样遗失,包括其员工的疏忽都一概不负任何责任。

12. 延长逗留时间:如果在最后延长逗留,必须先确定获得延长回程机位为有效,延长逗留者,其他安排和机场接送则由旅客自理,若延长回程机位不获确定,旅客则须依照原有回程机位回国。

13. 更改行程:主办机构/代理保留权利,于必要时可以更改行程。

14. 取消行程:在不得已的情况如旅客人数不足,主办机构/代理有权延迟或取消报名团体,若被延迟/取消团员不能接受, 其所交付的团费将退还于旅客。

15. 主办公司提供所有行程内注明的全程游览和旅行巴士服务;若在特殊情况下,旅途中将可能与其他人共用一车,而非专用旅游巴士。

15. 旅行保险:本公司建议所有旅客购买旅行保险以作任何不可预知情况之保险。

16. 领队:每个团队出发时,人数最少要超过20人以上,方才选派一名领队随团服务。若旅客以没有领队随同而取消或退出团体,其取消手续和退回费用,将依上述细则第3条处理。

17. 保持合作:旅途中,当领队认为有团员作出不适当的举动并妨碍其他团员的旅程和安全时,领队有绝对权力要求该团员离开。同时,本社将不会退还未完旅程的金额予其人。

18. 若旅客在观光团出发前30天内报名,主办机构将以机位和酒店房间能否确认为准。同时旅客也需缴交全额旅费,以便安排旅程。

19. 责任:本公司或授权代理仅为航空公司,运输,酒店及其他有关机构之代理人,旅客若不幸发生下列事故,当由旅客负责,概与主办/作业机构或授权代理无关,这些包括:

    1. 行程不准确,错误或变动。
    2. 由航空公司或其他运输服务所造成的延迟/变动,疾病,气候,罢工,战争,暴动,水/火灾,动乱,检疫及其他事故所造成等等的任何额外开销。
    3. 行李/私人财物的损坏/遗失以及个人意外,本社一概不负责。
    4. 由运输公司,酒店及其他服务机构因宣布破产,清盘,关门,停顿及其他如被政府停业者,本公司一概不负责。
    5. 旅客如要更改航线或日期,则须自行承担一切的风险。本社/授权代理均不负责任何事故而造成的不便和所产生的额外费用。
    6. 团员若携带违禁物品,旅行文件有问题或其行为及活动被外国政府视为非法和破坏,而被外国移民厅拒绝入境或驱逐出境。
    7. 主办机构保密权利;于必要时如旅费可能受到当地货币膨胀,机票,旅行车,渡轮和机场税加价所影响而调整团费。
    8. 若因天灾,战争,罢工,暴动或政府的通令等在非主办机构所能控制的情况下发生,主办机构有权取消报名的团体或以代替性的团队(尽可能是同样的目的地)来取代。要是不被接受,旅客所付的团费,扣除行政费后,其余将会退还于旅客。

20. 主办机构若在机位和酒店房间不能确认等的情况下取消旅团,主办机构将退还旅费并以下列方式赔偿旅客(除却迟订团者,迟订团者将依上述第15条):




21. 团费以现金为准;若使用信用卡,则需另外附加税。

22. 文义如有歧异,以英文版为准。