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🧷 黄龙风景区:自然风光秀丽,它以仙境般的岩溶景观,吸引着中外游人。被誉为【人间瑶池】

🧷 乐山大佛:乐山大佛是世界上最大的一座石刻佛像:大佛依山旁水,风光奇绝,恰似一幅美不胜收的画卷。

🧷 九寨沟景区:位于四川省西北部岷山山脉南段的阿坝藏族羌族自治州九寨沟县漳扎镇境内

🧷 峨眉山:乃自然文化双料遗产,不仅是宗教名山,也是被丰富的大自然乐园。珍稀动植物与特殊地址,佛道遗迹,都在显示着峨眉山的胜境。

🧷 报国寺:位于四川峨眉山丽,是峨眉山的第一座寺庙,峨眉山佛教协会所在地,是峨眉山佛教活东中心。


🧷 Huanglong Scenic Area: With beautiful natural scenery, it attracts Chinese and foreign tourists with its
fairyland-like karst landscape. It is known as “the fairyland on earth”

🧷 Leshan Giant Buddha: Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest stone Buddha statue in the world: the Giant Buddha
is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the scenery is amazing, just like a beautiful picture scroll.

🧷 Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area: Jiuzhaigou County,in the southern section of the Minshan Mountains in the northwest of Sichuan Province

🧷 Mount Emei: It is a natural and cultural heritage, not only a famous religious mountain, but also a rich natural paradise. Rare animals and plants, special locations, and Buddhist and Taoist relics all show the beauty of Mount Emei.

🧷 Baoguo Temple: Located in Mount Emei, Sichuan, it is the first temple in Mount Emei, the seat of the Buddhist Association of Mount Emei, and the living center of Buddhism in Mount Emei.

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