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  • Shijuku Kabukicho: Is one of the largest full red-light district in Tokyo, this street is named Kabukicho, also known as “the street that never sleeps,” coming and going late into the night is still lit.
  • Toyko Disneyland: There are seven themed areas in the park, each complementing each other yet unique in their style. Made up of the World Bazaar, the four classic Disney lands: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and two mini lands, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown, the park is noted for its huge open spaces to accommodate the massive crowds the park receives on even moderate attendance days.
  • Japan Universal Studios: One of the Universal Studios theme parks in the world, its design close to the design in Orland. Theme Park game including “Jurassic Park” rivers adventure, “Terminator 2:3-D’’, ‘Spider-Man’, “” Jaws adventure’’ etc.
  • Akihabara: Might immediately think of “home”, “Japanese anime”, and “otaku” it Japanese in the “otaku” (OTAKU) means, as long as the field of hobby for some and even very keen to fever pitch, it is called otaku, but in general, or to animation, comics, games aficionados call as the main target
  • Odaiba: is a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall, adjacent to the waterfront park, and the Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge apart, facing central Tokyo, a great location. Collection including fashion stores, Disney stores, Daiso hundred shops, children’s city about 80 stores and other shopping areas and Japanese, Western, Chinese, Italian and other various types of food area.



  • Malaysia Airline
Tour Departure Date Tour Pricing Airline Info
(MH) Oct’17 – 18, 25 RM7,398.00/ Per Pax MH 70 KUL-NRT 0950-1730
MH 53 KIX-KUL 1100-1705
(MH) Nov’17 – 15, 22
(MH) Jan’18 – 10, 17
(MH) Mar’18 – 7, 21
(MH) Apr’18 – 13, 27
(MH) May’18 – 12, 19
(MH) Nov’17 – 29 RM7,698.00/ Per Pax
(MH) Dec’17 – 6, 13, 17
(MH) Feb’18 – 14, 16, 18 RM8,598.00/ Per Pax
(MH) Mar’18 – 11, 14 RM7,998.00/ Per Pax
(MH) Apr’18 – 6
  • Cathay Pacific Airline
Tour Departure Date Tour Pricing Airline Info
(CX) Oct’17 – 16 RM7,498.00/ Per Pax KUL-HKG CX734 1755-2150
HKG-KIX CX524 0105-0615
NRT-HKG CX501 1035-1500
HKG-KUL CX729 1605-2000
(CX) Jan’18 – 16, 24
(CX) Mar’18 – 3
(CX) Oct’17 – 17, 29 RM7,798.00/ Per Pax
(CX) Nov’17 – 16, 29
(CX) Dec’17 – 6
(CX) Mar’18 – 10, 11 RM8,098.00/ Per Pax
  • AirAsia Airline
Tour Departure Date Tour Pricing Airline Info
(D7) Dec’17 – 23 RM7,468.00/ Per Pax KUL-KIX D7 532 0100-0825
HND-KUL D7 523 2345-0630
(D7) Feb’18 – 17
(D7) Mar’18 – 10 RM7,998.00/ Per Pax
(D7) Apr’18 – 7
(D7) May’18 – 12, 19 RM8,298.00/ Per Pax





DAY 2: OSAKA (-/-/D)

After arrival Kansai / Narita, meet with guide and transfer to Osaka Castle Park take photo ~ Osaka most prosperous commercial area Shinsaibashi-suji The major shopping paradise in downtown Osaka ~ Dotonbori This food paradise has two rows of eateries packed wall-to-wall with Japanese nosh of every imaginable kinds and prices. After that, proceed to visit Kuromon Seafood Market.


DAY 3: OSAKA (B/-/-)

Today transfer to Osaka Universal Studio enjoy the fun of theme Park with Hollywood Box Office Movie: THE SHARK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, TERMINATOR, JURRASIC PARK ….etc. Bringing you into the movie with a lot of stimulate.



Today proceed to Nara Park view the Nara Buddha Statue and lovely deer in the park. Transfer to Todaiji It’s built by Buddhist Holy Wu Tianhuang at AD 728, because it located at east of the capital Heijo, so called Todaiji (Tomeans East in Japan). Next visit Nishijin Textile Center Kimono Show and Kiyomizu Temple Founded in 788 predates Kyoto and is dedicated to the 11-faced kannon. The temple’s main hall (hondo) sits perched our over the mountain side on massive wooden pilings. You can enjoy souvenir and craft shopping here. Then transfer to Kyoto.



Toyohashi】is Japan Southeastern city (Shinkansen) proceed【Owakudani】 boiling volcano valley, where sulfurous fumes rise from crevices in the rocks and it’s legendary (Note: Due to increased seismic activity that could lead to a minor volcanic eruption, and will replace with going Peace Park). Next proceed to【Fuji Gogoume】boarded the symbol of Japan's largest dormant volcano tour (depending on weather conditions). Then proceed to【Lake Fuji】 the name Fuji Five Lakes comes from the fact that there are five lakes formed by previous eruptions of Mount Fuji. The Fuji Five Lakes was selected by the Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun and Osaka Mainichi Shimbun.



Asakusa Kannon Temple】the oldest temple, it is the Edo era where people live and work. Then visit【Nakamise】two neatly lined sell specialty pieces, there are many hundred years old paved, colorful embellishment of goods is very lively. After experience【Waterbus】, 【Odaiba】is Tokto the largest artificial island. In Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, Fuji TV Odaiba background of a large shopping facilities, restaurants, playgrounds, spa in one, is the city of the benefits of relaxation. Family, friends, lovers similar to Odaiba step on the beach; playing with water, spend a happy day. Next to【Akihabara】 is a full of "otaku culture" place【Shinjuku】visit (Kabukicho) is a Japanese famous entertainment street.


DAY 7: TOKYO (B/-/-)

Today take your own transportation to Tokyo Disneyland Today let us enjoy the fun with Mickey and Mini… There are 6 Theme in the park, the procession of your favourite cartoon character. Let your dreams of your childhood days come true. Let FUN!!!! **Included ticket and own transportation**



Departs for home.

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