JAPAN Honshu Panaroma World Heritage Tour (Osaka/Kobe/Nara/Kyoto/Takashima/Nagoya/Gao Shan/Shirakawa-Go/Mt.Fuji/Tokyo)

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8 Days 6 Nights
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  • 8JTK-N – 5
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  • 8JTK-N – 2
TOUR FARE MAR-17,18 APR-16 ,MAY-26,27 JUN-10,25
MAR-5 APR-3 MAY-12,19 ,JUN-1
8JKT-N RM6,598 RM7,198 RM6,598 RM6,598 RM6,598

MH 52 KUL-KIX 2240-0540+1

MH 89 NRT-KUL 1020-1705

TOUR FARE Mar-10 APR 7 MAY-12,19
8JKT-N RM6,398 RM7,298 RM5,998

D7 532 KUL-KIX 0100-0825

D7 523 HND-KUL 2345-0630


CNY (February)

8JKT-N FEB-15,16,17,18 RM7,598
8JKT-N FEB-17 RM7,398

KUL-KIX MH52 2240- 0540‡1

NRT-KUL MH89 1020 -1705

KUL-KIX D7 532 0100-0825

HND -KUL D7 523 2345-0630


DAY 1: Depart to KANSAI ~ OSAKA (-/-/-)

On Board



Hotel: Osaka Plaza Hotel or similar

Upon arrival, meet with your guide and transfer to Kobe, visit the <Ming Shi Haixia Bridge>, bridge length of 3911 meters, is the world's longest suspension bridge, magnificent, can withstand 8.5 earthquakes. Continue visit to <Chinatown>. Then,
proceed to check-in hotel. <Sannomiya shopping street> you can buy all sorts of beautiful objects at here. <Japan's Shuzo Museum>, learn Japanese wine manufacturing process, and free wine tasting of which, after dinner transfer to hotel
for check-in.



Hotel: Karasum a Kyoto Hotel or similar

After breakfast, transfer to the most famous tourist attractions in Osaka - <Osaka Castle Park> (exclude enter the city), here is a symbol of the city of Osaka. After that, head downtown Osaka <Heart Narrow Bridge Mall> and <Food Street
Dotonbori> for free shopping. Then, transfer to Nara visit the <Nara Park>, where there are 1,200 deer live here, most of these deer docile and pleasing, and is designated as national natural protected animals. Continue visit to Japan's largest
temple <Todaiji Temple>. After that, transfer to Kyoto for check in hotel.



Hotel: Kinuura Grand Hotel or similar

Today in this ancient city in Japan - Kyoto, visiting one of the King of foreigners will go to <World Heritage Temple of the Golden Pavilion>, where there is gold wall glorious temples, elegant traditional Japanese garden, water trickling earnings stream. Then, proceed to the spring cherry blossoms and reflecting in Mirror Lake reflects the golden pavilion constitute the ultimate scenery in Japan, it is <Heian Shrine Gaien>. After that, proceed to <Nishijin Kimono Hall> enjoy kimono show. Continued to Takashima, view the beautiful sights of <Chikubushima> and <Lake Biwa>. Then proceed to Nagoya for
check-in hotel.



Hotel: Laka Kawaguchi hi Tominok o Hot Spring Hotel or similar

After breakfast, transfer to the Little Kyoto - <Gao Shan>, ancient temples and shrines, the whole city is one big tourist attractions; you can see and relive the beauty of the Japanese real life. After that, transfer to <Shirakawa-go>, in 1995, the White Mountain foothills of Shirakawa-go "praying village" is designated as "World Cultural Heritage", is a form of the roof as his hands together in prayer herringbone unique architectural styles. The house can reduce the pressure caused by winter snow. Chalet generally 18 meters longs, 10 meters wide, 3-4 floors, suitable for a large family residence. Night stay at the spa hotel, enjoy hot springs.



Hotel: Tokyo Bay Ariake Washingt on Hotel or similar 

After breakfast, visit the minds of the Japanese people's sacred Mount Fuji <Gogoume> (subject to weather conditions) or <Oshino Hakkai, Fuji Archive>.Then, visit the <Big Bay Valley> remains of volcanic eruptions (Note: Due to increased seismic activity that could lead to a minor volcanic eruption, and will replace with going Peace Park). Continue take a boat trip to <Lake Ashi> reflection of the views of Mount Fuji lake views. After that proceed to the Japanese capital Tokyo, visiting in Tokyo's oldest temple, <Senso-ji Temple>, the door of the temple <Thunder Gate> to the number
in front of the most famous giant lanterns hanging in the lodge, is the most popular pictures of the occasion poly place. Then, visit to <Nakamise Street>, here is the sale of distinctive souvenirs, such as we are familiar humanoid burning snacks, etc., are extant in Japan with "Edo style" public recreation land. After dinner, check in hotel.


DAY 7: TOKYO (Choice for itinerary 1 or 2) (B/-/-)

Hotel: Narrita Marroad Hotel or similar

Itinerary 1: After breakfast, transfer to visit Japan Disneyland. After the tour, transfer back to hotel for rest.
Itinerary 2: After breakfast, visit to <Meiji Shrine>, the biggest piece of green space in central Tokyo, is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Empress Shôken place important Shinto shrines in Japan. Then, visit to <Harajuku> in Tokyo a famous Japanese "Young people of the street." After that, exploring the <Takeshita>, Japan Tokyo Harajuku a pedestrian-only street, fashion clothing known to both sides to boutiques, jewelers, cafes and restaurants based, mostly small shops, to attract young people and visitors to the visits are packed on the weekends, you can see a lot of young people and students in this shopping. Then, proceed to <Odaiba> visit <Odaiba Seaside Park> ~ Odaiba is highly symbolic attractions, also overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower; <Venus Shopping City> ~ high 115 yards from seeing beauty Ferris wheel at Toyota's exhibition "MEGA WEB" in, you can appreciate and test ride all kinds of cars, but also to medieval Europe as a model of the construction of a theme park-style shopping malls; <Tokyo Rainbow Bridge> ~ cross across Tokyo Bay, connecting Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture Odaiba and a beautiful and spectacular cable-stayed bridge, total length of 918 meters. After the shopping tour, transfer back to hotel for rest.



After breakfast, gather in hotel, transfer to Narita airport and take the international flight for home, end a pleasant trip in Japan.


** Remark: Itinerary and Meals arrangements are subject to change Especially on Peak Season, if above Hotel was Fully Book Will Replace a Similar Hotel.

8JKT-N - ENG (20 FEB 2017) 8JKT-N - CHI (20 FEB 2017)

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