Guilin~ZhaoQing~Lipu~YangShuo~LongShen~HeZhou~GuangZhou Tour

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8 Days 7 Nights
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Guilin is a world famous scenic city, with unparalleled karst. Here the mountains, plains roots mix; Lijiang River water, the twists and turns, clean out as a mirror; mountain more than a hole, the hole secluded Jing Qi, magnificent spectacle; cave rocks, gods, silver, thus forming a “mountain Qing Shui Xiu, odd holes, stone beautiful “Guilin” four no “, and since ancient times,” Semiotic “praise.

Li River is the world’s largest and most beautiful karsts landscape scenic resort, thousands of years, which I do not know how many men of letters intoxicated. Scenic Lijiang River in Guilin. Guilin as the center, north Xing
Lingqu, south of Yangshuo, a water connected by the Lijiang River. Guilin to the “Green hills, odd holes,” Ruin
famous, is widely recognized as the world-class scenic spots.

Huang Yao Ancient Town , Guangxi town. Huang Yao has nearly a thousand years of history of the town, originated from the Song Dynasty, was built in the Ming Dynasty, Wanli, flourishing in the Qianlong of the
Qing Dynasty. As the town, mostly yellow, Yao surname, hence the name “Huang Yao.



DAY 1: DEPART > GuangZhou - ZhaoQing (-/-/D)

《Cruise ride Seven Star Lake》~ 《Musical Fountain》


DAY 2: ZhaoQing - Lipu (B/L/D)



DAY 3: YangShuo - Guilin (B/L/D)

《Li River》~《Nanxishan Park》


DAY 4: Guilin - LongShen (B/L/D)

《Terrace Rice Field》  GUILIN


DAY 5: Guilin (B/L/D)

《Liu San Jie Scenic Area》~《Rong Hu Scenery Lake》~《Gu Nan Men》~《Jiu Qu Bridge》~《Shan Hu Scenery Lake》~《Da Rong Tree》~《Ri Yue Tower》


DAY 6: Guilin - Hezhou (B/L/D)

《Huang Yao Ancient Town》~《Ling Feng Shan Square》


DAY 7: HeZhou - GuangZhou (B/L/D)

Passby《New Face of Guangzhou》~ 《Shang Xia Jiu Shopping Street》


DAY 8: GuangZhou - KUALA LUMPUR (B/L/-)

《Yuexiu Park》~《Five Rams Statue》~ DEPART FOR HOME


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