11D10N CHARM NORTHERN XINJIANG (Urumqi / Fuyun / Keketuohai / Burqin / Kanas / Hemu / Karamay / Dushanzi / Yining / Bayanbulak / Kuqa)

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11 Days 10 Nights
  • 8CTBE-F 01
  • 8CTBE-F 02
  • 8CTBE-F 03
  • 8CTBE-F 04
  • 8CTBE-F 05
  • 8CTBE-F 06
  • 8CTBE-F 07

Tour Highlights:

  • Multi-Colored City ~ Is composed of Devil Valley, zeolite mine, petrified wood sites, Agate Beach, colorful city, wildlife viewing and other attractions posed.
  • Cocoa Sullivan Lake ~ Fuyu County, Altay Prefecture in Xinjiang territory, from the county about 25KM, also known as Ye Yahu.
  • Eremuh Lake ~ It is the largest fault basin on the fault belt of Fuyun earthquake.
  • Irtysh Grand Canyon ~ The only outflow river flowing into the Arctic Ocean from east to west.
  • ShenZhong Mountain ~ It is about 40 km upstream of the Irtysh River in Fuyun County.
  • Kanas Lake ~ There are several wonders, one kilometer dry wood long .
  • Hemu Village ~ Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Burqin County under the jurisdiction of a village.
  • Uerhe Ghost Town ~ It is a typical Jardin landscape area.
  • Bayinbluk Grassland ~ Formerly known as Yu Le Du Si grassland, as is mainly located in Xinjiang Bayingolin Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture and northwest of Jingxian Bayinbuluke territory.
  • Kunas Prairie ~ The islamic architecture style, with a strong covers the building, on the basis of functional and times feeling, reconstructed the ancient silk road, concentration reflected the rich western ethnic features and regional culture.
  • Xinjiang Museum ~ Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the cultural relics and specimens collection protection.



CZ366 KUL-CAN 0855-1255

CZ5888 CAN-URC  1510-2110

CZ6957 URC-CAN 0935-1430

CZ 365  CAN-KUL 1650-2055

  • APR-10,17,24

  • MAY-8,15,22

  • MAY-29
  • JUN-5


DAY 1: Kuala Lumpur - Transit - Urumuqi (-/-/D)

Hotel: Hoi Tak Hotel Xinjiang or similar

After arrived at Urumuqi airport, transfer to <Red Mountain Park>


DAY 2: Urumqi - Fuyun (B/L/D)

Hotel: Fuyun Heijin Hotel or similar

View <Fire Mountain> ~ <Gurbantünggüt Desert> ~ <Multi-Colored City> ~ <Karamaili Wild Animals Nature Reserve>


DAY 3: Fuyun - Keketuohai - Burqin (B/L/D)

Hotel: Burqin Tourism Hotel or similar

Keketuohai <Flowers along the way> ~ <Keketuohai Scenic Area> (include shuttle bus) ~ <Cocoa Sullivan Lake> ~ <Irene Wood Lake> ~ <Irtysh Grand Canyon> ~ <ShenZhong Mountain>


DAY 4: Burqin - Kanas (B/L/D)

Hotel: Hongfu Lake Kanas Resort or similar

<Kanas (include shuttle bus)> ~ <GuanYuTing> (Battery car return)~ <Kanas Lake> (include cruise) ~ <Moon Bay> ~ <Fairy Bay> ~ <Wolong Bay> ~ <Birch Forest>


DAY 5: Kanas - Hemu Village - Burqin (B/L/D)

Hotel: Burqin Tourism Hotel or similar

<Hemu Village> (include shuttle bus) ~ <Colorful Beach>


DAY 6: Burqin - Karamay - DuShanZi (B/L/D)

Hotel: Maitark Hotel or similar

View <Black Stream Beach Grassland> ~ <Uerhe Ghost Town> (include shuttle bus) ~ <Barry Oilfield Scenery> ~ <Corps Style>


DAY 7: DuShanZi - YiNing (B/L/D)

Hotel: Longxin Hotel or similar

<Jinghe Obo> ~ <GuoZiGou> ~ <Horgos> ~ <Lake tournament wrapped wooden flowers> (Lavender etc)~ < Hercynian Scenic Area> ~ <River Bridge>


DAY 8: YiNing - Narat Town - BayanBulak (B/L/D)

Hotel: Tianheyuan Hotel or similar

<Narat Grassland> (include shuttle bus) ~ <Bingling Temple>


DAY 9: BayanBulak - Korla (B/L/D)

Hotel: Kang Cheng Jian Guo International Hotel or similar

<River Valley Scenery> ~ <Kunas Prairie> ~ <Rob Village> (include shuttle bus) ~ <Kongquehe Night>


DAY 10: Korla - Urumuqi (B/L/D)

Hotel: Hoi Tak Hotel Xinjiang or similar

<Tiemenguan> ~ <Gan Ditch Canyon Scenery> ~ <Dabancheng Wind Power Station>


DAY 11: Urumqi - Transit - Kuala Lumpur (B/L/-)

<Xinjiang Museum> ~ <Old Street – ErDaoQiao> Direct transfer to airport after sightseeing tour


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The sequence of the itinerary may varies on the actual tour.

Above itinerary is for brief introduction.

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