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  • Thousand Years Cave ~ In shanxi xinzhou city spring scenery of ningwu west strip township, 2300 meters above sea level. This hole formed in the Cenozoic quaternary ice age, about three million years ago, so the name ice in ten thousand.
  • Yellow River ~ is the only yellow big waterfall on the Yellow River, is also China’s second largest waterfall. Centering on the hukou waterfall scenic spot, the collection of the Yellow River valley, the loess plateau, the ancient tableland village as a whole, showed the Yellow River basin’s splendid natural landscape and rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • Yungang Groitoes ~ Grottoes are mainly 45 caves, size 252, stone statues of more than 51000 body, as one of China’s largest group of ancient grottoes, dunhuang mogao grottoes, luoyang longmen grottoes and tianshui maijishan grottoes and called China’s four big grotto art treasure trove.
  • Monastery ~ Tower yungang grottoes in datong city, Shanxi Province muddy source county, the west side of mount heng Jin Longxia tsui peak between the cliffs, known as “the tower, the along while, three ponytail hanging air” of slang. Built in the late northern wei dynasty 1400 years ago, is China’s only unique temples of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, Buddhism. Hen is key cultural relic protection unit in Shanxi Province, mount heng 18 “first” in the scene.
  • Mountain ~ Ranks first of the four famous mountains of Buddhism in China zhejiang mount putuo, anhui jiuhua mountain, mount emei in sichuan province, are called “four famous mountains of Buddhism in China”. Wutai mountain and the deer park at sarnath, India, Nepal, lumbini garden, bodh gaya, detained resin that five buddhist holy land of Canaan, and called the world.


DAY 1: KUALA LUMPUR – Taiyuan (-/-/D)

Upon arrival at Taiyuan airport, sent by hand pick the hotel.


DAY 2: Taiyuan – Ningwu – Datong (B/L/D)

Thousand years Cave(Contain Cable car), leave for Datong.


DAY 3: Datong – Huyuan – Mountain (B/L/D)

Yungang Grottoes(Contain Cable car)~ Hengshan spectacle – Monastery(Contain Tickets), leave for Mountain


DAY 4: Mountain – Taiyuan (B/L/D)

Temples  ~  Pusa Ding  ~  Hin Tong Temple  ~  Ta Yuan Temple  ~  Temples million  ~  Go to Taiyuan ~ Donghu Vinegar Garden


DAY 5: Taiyuan – Qixian – Pingyao (B/L/D)

Qixian Red Sea Glass Industrial Park  ~  Pingyao Ancient City  ~   Ancient City Wall  ~  Rishengchang No.~ Ming Street  ~  County government


DAY 6: Pingyao – Hukou (B/L/D)

Pingyao Ancient City  ~  Confucian Temple  ~  Escort  ~  Chenghuang Temple  ~  Qing Xu view  ~  The Yellow River hukou waterfall( Contain Cable car )


DAY 7: Hukou – Yuci -Taiyuan (B/L/D)

Quality Often Home Farm  ~  Go to Taiyuan,Liu Port Walking Street(FREE & EASY)


DAY 8: Taiyuan – Transit – Xiamen (B/-/-)


DAY 9: Xiamen – Kuala Lumpur (B/L/-)

Kulangsu(No Include Cable Car)~ Gallery Of International Architecture  ~  Shu Zhuang Garden ~  Piano Musuem  ~  Sunlight Rock ~ Longtou Road Commercial Street  ~  South Putuo Temple  ~  Huandao Road  ~  After that send to airport.


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