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8 Days 7 Nights
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  • Oriental Pearl Tower – The Oriental pearl tower is 468 meters high, ranking first in Asia, the world’s third tower, strewn at random discretion spheres from the blue sky in series to the carpet of green grass, and like two rubies glittering huge sphere was held high one integrated mass, create the artistic conception of “pearls falling into a jade plate”.
  • Ling Shan Buddha – Buddha in taihu lake to the south, backed by lingshan, left arm in tsing lung (mountain), right white tiger (mountain), spiritual centers, and best feng shui, is a rare buddhist land.
  • Vatican Palace – Fanonhouse is located in the taihu lake of wide, neat &graceful lingshan feet, magnificent bright unique art and profound buddhist culture in photograph reflect.
  • Three Kingdoms Studio ~ Imposing the entire area, meaning far-reaching, walking one, every one Yuan Men, as if each piece of stone is kept trained to tell visitors disputes cardiac chaos in the soul of a story of a surprise.
  • Cheng Huang Temple ~ China is rich in style and features of ancient buildings, row upon row of small shops within the mall, merchandise assortment, unique, customer bustling ancient town to keep the market outlook.
  • Nanjing Road – Is located in China Shanghai is one of the world famous shopping street. Narrow sense of nanjing road is before 1945 nanjing road, specifically to nanjing dong lu today. The nanjing road generalized included naning road and nanjing west road.
  • Bund – Is an area in the centre of Shanghai, by a along the huangpu river along the roads and buildings and facilities, as one of the important landmark of Shanghai. Total length of 1.5 kilometers, south the yanan east road, north to suzhou river Bai Duqiao outside,, namely the huangpu river in the east, and west is the old Shanghai finance, foreign trade agency
  • Westlake – East west lake in hangzhou city, the other three sides, covers an area of about 6.39 square kilometers, north and south 3.2 kilometers long, about 2.8 km wide from east to west, nearly 15 km around the lake for a week. West lake average water depth of 2.27 meters.


Day 1: Depart to Shanghai – Suzhou (-/L/D)

Ouyuan + Cruise ~ Suzhou Museum + Zhong Wang Fu ~ Appearance Nest  ~ Silk show


Day 2: Suzhou – Wuxi (B/L/D)

Lingshan Buddha + Vatican Palace ~ Three Kingdoms Studio ~ Warship Ride Tai Lake~ Li Lake Park


Day 3: Wuxi – Haining (B/L/D)

Haining China Leather Capital ~ Yan Guan Town-Cheng Ge Lao Zhai Xiang Fu Di Feng Qing Street


Day 4: Haining – Hangzhuo (B/L/D)

Cruise Ride West Lake ~ Hua gang guan yu ~ Southern Song Imperial Street ~ Long Jing Tea Garden


Day 5: Hangzhuo – Yiwu (B/L/D)

International Trade City II


Day 6: Yiwu – Dongyang – Shanghai (B/L/D)

Dongyang wood carving museum ~ Cheng Huang Temple ~ Songjiang Film City ~ ~ Bund


Day 7: Shanghai (B/L/D)

Oriental Pearl Tower (including vacant Gallery) ~ Old Shanghai Wax Museum ~ Huangpu River Cruise


Day 8: Shanghai – Kuala Lumpur (B/-/-)

Returning to beautiful homes


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