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Tour Highlights:

  • Cruise ride Seven Star Lake ~ There is a legend has the seven peaks are left behind seven Nu Sky Lingshi; there is the envy of heaven and earth fairies.
  • Yin Zi Cave ~ Mountains are green, the water is green, and earth is green, the tree is green, the field is green, this, here known as the “representative of Guilin.”
  • Yangshuo West Street ~ Foreigner Street has been dubbed is still Xiaojiabiyu southern villages in type size, but they show the international flavor of the cultural landscape.
  • Nanxishan Park ~ Nanxi more and odd cave, to the north of the most famous white dragon cave. Open hole wide open, like a tall stone house, white stone walls, a stone droop, very similar to the leading, so called white dragon cave.
  • DongQing Village ~ View the Dongzhai walk wooden floor, experience Dong life, hit mochi, view wearing silver costumes Amei Dong song and dance performances, about “people go home”; Dong family culture.
  • Rong Shan Hu Scenery Lake ~ Located in the center of Guilin city, North and Central Square near the south across the road and the Lijiang River, the bustling Zhongshan Road through the Lake District, Guilin city parks open leisure walk.
  • Gu Nan Men ~ “Banyan Tree is the ancient south gate door, the door is said Tang built a plant banyan tree, root cross-old outside a long time, disk error to”.
  • Ri Yue Tower ~ Two rivers and four lakes around the city water system in the most famous tourist attractions, because the twin towers towering, directed sun and the moon, hence the name on the tower.
  • Shang Xia Jiu Shopping Street ~ Shangxiajiu east, just west of the tenth West.


TOUR FARE JUN-26 OCT-16,23,30 SEP-9,11,18
JUL-3,10,24 NOV-6,13,20,27,29
AUG-7,14,18,19,22 DEC-4,8,11,18,22 OCT-09
8CKWL RM1,898 RM1,898 RM2,098
          MH376   KUL-CAN   0935 – 1335
         MH377   CAN-KUL   1440 – 1835


Day 1: Depart to Guangzhou – Zhaoqing (-/-/D)

Hotel: Li Jing Hotel or similar

Cruise ride Seven Star Lake ~ Musical Fountain


Day 2: Zhaoqing – Lipu – Yangshuo (B/L/D)

Hotel: Ziwei International Hotel or similar

Yin Zi Cave


Day 3: Yangshuo – Guilin (B/L/D)

Hotel: Sanjia International Hotel or similar

Li River ~ Nanxishan Park


Day 4: Guilin – Longshen – Guilin (B/L/D)

Hotel: Sanjia International Hotel or similar

Terrace Rice Field


Day 5: Guilin (B/L/D)

Hotel: Sanjia International Hotel or similar

DongQing Village ~ Rong Hu Scenery Lake ~ Gu Nan Men ~ Jiu Qu Bridge ~ Shan Hu Scenery Lake ~ Da Rong Tree ~ Ri Yue Tower


Day 6: Guilin – Hezhou (B/L/D)

Hotel: Kamigori Soho Hotel or similar

Huang Yao Ancient Town~Ling Feng Shan Square


Day 7: Hezhou – Guangzhou (B/L/D)

Hotel: Hui Jin Hotel or similar

Pass by New Face of Guangzhou ~ Shang Xia Jiu Shopping Street


Day 8: Guangzhou –  Kuala Lumpur (B/L/-)

Yuexiu Park ~ Five Rams Statue ~ Depart to home


** All tour members are compulsory to visit the specif SHOPPING STOP. However, you are not obligated to purchase prosuct sold at SHOPPING STOP. **

** There will be extra surcharge if you refuse to visit the shop. **

SHOPPING STOP GUILIN > Tea Centre, Silk Shop, Jade Shop, Yang Sheng Tang, Bao Shu Tang       HEZHOU > Bamboo Charcoal Mall
COMPULSORY TOUR GUILIN > Xanadu, Osprey Catch Fish, Night View Li River (Sightseeing), Impression Liu Shan Jie CHARGES “RMB”
RMB 550/Pax

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The sequence of the itinerary may varies on the actual tour.

Above itinerary is for brief introduction.

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