• RM3,098.00

    Japan Delight Tour ~Tokyo/Hakone/Mt.Fuji/Odaiba

    Tour Code: 6JTYO
    • Asakusa Kannon Temple ~ Japan most old temple, at the front door have a big lantern.
    • Tokyo Bay~ Enjoy the beautiful bay and the building.
    • Odaiba ~ A place that Japan drama lover will know.
  • RM3,198.00


    Tour Code: 6JTYO
    • Asakusa Kannon Temple
    • Tokyo Bay
    • Odaiba
  • RM3,298.00

    Enjoy Osaka Tour – Osaka~Nara~Kyoto+1 Day Free & Easy

    Tour Code: 6JOSK
    • Special arrange traditional Japanese Food .
    • One free day in Osaka, visit Osaka city.
    • Shopping Fun ~Shinsaibashi shopping district & Dotonbori.
    • Kiyomizu Temple: Famous for its principal sanctuary, built on a steep cliff. It is registered as a world cultural heritage in 1994. The 139 Zelkova pillars that support the balcony are over 12 metres tall.
    • Todaiji Temple: In 728 AD by the Buddhist holy wu emperor, because built in the east of the capital PingCheng Jing, it was known as Todaiji Temple.
    • Osaka Castle: Is a great cause of reunification of the world with the completion of the late 16th century, the generals have a deep relationship Hideyoshi’s castle was built in the late 16th century.
    • Togetsukyo: Aka (crossing month), Arashiyama Togetsu mountainous especially attracted many tourists to watch the leaves and cherry attractions.
  • RM3,598.00


    Tour Code: 6JOSK
    • Traditional Japanese Food
    • Osaka city
    • Shinsaibashi shopping
    • Kiyomizu Temple
    • Todaiji Temple
    • Osaka Castle
    • Togetsukyo
  • RM4,998.00

    Kyushu -Fukuaka/Nagasaki/Kagoshima/Kirishima/Beppu Tour

    Tour Code: 7JFUK-F
    • Tour southern Japan [KYUSHU] watch rare natural beauty, enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, immersion senior outdoor spa.
    • [FUKUOKA] Is Kyushu’s largest city, bustling side, is also a Japanese selected best cities to live.
    • [NAGASAKI] Who suffer atomic bombing during World War II, Atomic Bomb Museum will be presented in front of the situation.
    • [KAGOSHIMA] Since ancient times is the foreign trade of the bustling city, over many years, from the summit crater of the volcano ejected ash, it is Kagoshima Sakurajima volcano mark.
    • [KUMAMOTO] Visit the most famous Japanese island of Kyushu before the water garden Temple Park, and one of Japan’s three major cities in Kumamoto city.

    Accommodation Spa Hotel, Enjoy The Fun:

    • Many Japanese food .
    • Authentic Features Kyushu-style hot pot meal .
  • RM5,498.00

    Kyushu Beautiful Wisteria Trellis.-Fukuaka/Kumamoto/Kagoshima/Miyazaki/Beppu/Kitsuki/Moji Tour

    Tour Code: 8JFK

    APRIL – 21
    MAY 1, 8

    8 JFK

    PR 528 KUL-MNL 1550-1940
    PR 426

  • RM5,598.00

    Romantic Hokkaido Tour

    Tour Code: 7JHT
    • 3 Nights Stay at Hot Spring Hotel,Enjoy Dinner and Spa at Hotel
    • Key Attractions:Hell Valley,Mt. Showa Volcano,Otaru Canal, Konbukan,Shiraoi Ainu Village.
    • Top Three Views of Japan ~ Mt. Hakodate night view (Included Cable Car):is a 334 meter high, wooded mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. On clear days and nights, in particular, the views from the mountain are spectacular and included among Japan’s three best night views alongside the views from Nagasaki’s Mount Inasa and Kobe’s Mount Rokko.
    • Experience the natural hot springs in Hokkaido,Shopping heaven Tanukikoji,Hokkaido Famous ski resort.
  • RM5,698.00


    Tour Code: 7JHT
    • Hot Spring in Hokkaido
    • Shopping heaven Tanukikoji
    • Hokkaido Famous ski resort
    • Hell Valley
    • Mt. Showa Volcano
    • Otaru Canal
  • RM5,995.00

    Japan Alpine Route – Amazing Snow Wall OSAKA/KYOTO/TATEYAMA/NARA/KOBE

    Tour Code: 7JKO
    • Enjoy mouth-wateringly delicious traditional Japanese meals that are specially arranged.
    • Enjoyable shopping – Shinsaibashi & Dotonburi.
    • Kiyomizu Temple: It is Kyoto’s oldest temple that was built in CE 788 and consists of 13000 square meters.The magnificient temple was built without using any nails and its six layers of torchwood wooden platform is unique to Japan.
    • Todaiji Temple: It was built in CE 728 by Emperor Shoumu who is a Buddhist. The name came from being built in the east of the capital Heijo-kyo.
    • Dotonbori: It is a busting street located along the south coast of Dotonburi River. As per the saying ‘eat in Osaka’ a lot of foods can be found here.
    • Daikanbo: It is the highest peak in Mount Aso. At above sea level 936m the crater, five peaks and Kuji Mountains can be seen.
    • Engetsu Island: The Island’s specialty is its circular sea cave and enchanting view of sunset that is unparalled in Kansai.
  • RM5,998.00

    JAPAN Honshu Panaroma World Heritage Tour (Osaka/Kobe/Nara/Kyoto/Takashima/Nagoya/Gao Shan/Shirakawa-Go/Mt.Fuji/Tokyo)

    Tour Code: 8JKT-N
    • Special arrange choice for Itinerary at Tokyo Disneyland OR Tokyo shopping tour~ Harajuku; Takeshita; Odaiba Seaside Park; Venus Shopping City and Tokyo Rainbow Bridge.
    • Shirakawa-go ~ World Heritage, one of the Japan’s most famous traditional architecture, quaint shape, like a fairy tale for foreign words in the gingerbread house, the Japanese terms, it is a symbol of the spirit of nature against the Japanese.
    • Mount Fuji is Japan’s Shizuoka and Yamanashi across an non-active volcano, located about 80 kilometers southwest of Tokyo at peak elevation, in August 2002, by the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute re-measure, in order to 3775.63 meters, is Japan’s highest peak.
  • RM6,198.00

    Japan Honshu Central Deluxe Tour

    Tour Code: 8JKT-N
    • Special arrange Cruising Lake Akan
    • Furano Hanada
    • Hokkaido Mystic Lake
    • Otaru Canal
    • Lucky Sum Mall Street
    • Sounkyo Ryusei-No-Taki Falls
  • RM6,998.00

    Japan Central Delight + Double Theme Park Fun Tour

    Tour Code: 8JON-DT
    • Shijuku Kabukicho: Is one of the largest full red-light district in Tokyo, this street is named Kabukicho, also known as “the street that never sleeps,” coming and going late into the night is still lit.
    • Toyko Disneyland: There are seven themed areas in the park, each complementing each other yet unique in their style. Made up of the World Bazaar, the four classic Disney lands: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and two mini lands, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown, the park is noted for its huge open spaces to accommodate the massive crowds the park receives on even moderate attendance days.
    • Japan Universal Studios: One of the Universal Studios theme parks in the world, its design close to the design in Orland. Theme Park game including “Jura ssic Park” rivers adventure, “Terminator 2:3-D’’, ‘Spider-Man’, “” Jaws adventure’’ etc.
    • Akihabara: Might immediately think of “home”, “Japanese anime”, and “otaku” it • • Japanese in the “otaku” (OTAKU) means, as long as the field of hobby for some and e ven very keen to fever pitch, it is called otaku, but in general, or to animation, comics, games aficionados call as the main target.
    • Odaiba: is a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall, adjacent to the waterfront park, and the Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge apart, facing central Tokyo, a great location. Collection including fashion stores, Disney stores, Daiso hundred shops, children’s city about 80 stores and other shopping areas and Japanese, Western, Chinese, Italian and other various types of food area.

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